James Goss - Torchwood 9: Almost Perfect


  • Klappentext:

    Emma is 30, single and frankly desperate. She woke up this morning with nothing to look forward to but another evening of unsuccessful speed-dating. But now she has a new weapon in her quest for Mr Right. And it's made her almost perfect.

    Gwen Cooper [sic] woke up this morning expecting the unexpected. As usual. She went to work and found a skeleton at a table for two and a colleague in a surprisingly glamorous dress. Perfect.

    Ianto Jones woke up this morning with no memory of last night. He went to work, where he caused amusement, suspicion and a little bit of jealousy. Because Ianto Jones woke up this morning in the body of a woman. And he's looking just about perfect.

    And Jack Harkness has always had his doubts about Perfection.

    Eigene Beurteilung:

    Das Thema des Mannes im Frauenkörper wurde schon des Öfteren behandelt, aber noch nie mit so wenig Herablassung. Dabei bleibt das Buch - wie üblich für die Serie - immer sehr amüsant in Sprache und Darstellung und auch die anderen Aspekte der Geschichte machen durchaus Spaß. Gute Unterhaltung und Überbrückung, während ich auf Miracle Day warte.