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Krimi/Thriller, Roman/Erzählung, Kinder-/Jugendbuch
  • * 05.02.1942 (78)

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  • The Pure In Heart
  • I'm the King of the Castle
  • Rebeccas Vermächtnis
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  1. Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: Amazon) From the foggy streets of…

    Rezension von €nigma zu "The Travelling Bag"
    Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: Amazon) From the foggy streets of Victorian London to the eerie perfection of 1950s suburbia, the everyday is invaded by the otherworldly in this unforgettable collection of new ghost stories from the bestselling author of The Woman in Black. In the title story, on a murky evening in a club off St James, a paranormal detective recounts his most memorable case, one whose horrifying denouement took place in that very building. A lonely boy makes a friend in 'Boy Number…
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    Rezension von €nigma zu "The Benefit of Hindsight"
    Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: amazon) On the face of it DC Simon Serrailler has had time to recuperate after the violent incident that cost him his arm, and nearly his life. He is back in harness at Lafferton CID, but is spending his spare time high up in the cathedral roof, making drawings of the medieval angels which are being restored. Lafferton is going through a quiet patch, so far as crime is concerned, until one rainy night two local men open their front door to a couple seeking shelter. A…
  3. Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: amazon) DC Simon Serrailler's last,…

    Rezension von €nigma zu "The Comforts of Home"
    Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: amazon) DC Simon Serrailler's last, devastating case was nearly the death of him and left him confronting a new reality Recovering on a remote Scottish island, his peace doesn’t last long. He is pulled in to a murder inquiry by the overstretched local police. A newcomer, popular with the islanders, has died in perplexing circumstances. The community's reactions are complicated and fragile. It’s good to be back on the job. And when Simon returns to Lafferton, an…
  4. Der junge Anwalt Arthur Kipps reist in eine gottverlassene…

    Rezension von Aleshanee zu "Die Frau in Schwarz"
    Der junge Anwalt Arthur Kipps reist in eine gottverlassene Gegend, um den Nachlass einer verstorbenen Klientin zu ordnen. In dem Haus mitten im Moor stößt er auf lang gehütete Geheimnisse und begegnet immer wieder einer mysteriösen Frau in Schwarz. Als er dann auch noch geheimnisvolle Stimmen hört, ahnt er, dass er einem grauenvollen Geschehen auf der Spur ist... Wurde 2012 unter der Regie von James Watkins verfilmt - in der Hauptrolle als Arthur Kipps: Daniel Radcliffe Meine Meinung Das…
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