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  • Neuheiten 08/2003: To Die, or Not to Die (Details)
  • Neuheiten 08/2002: The Case of the Uninvited Guest (Details)
  • Neuheiten 11/2001: The Case of the Ripper's Revenge (Details)
  • Neuheiten 11/2000: A Case of Spirits (Details)
  • Neuheiten 02/2000: The Case of Compartment 7 (Details)


Sam McCarver Bücher in alphabetischer Reihenfolge

Bücherserien von Sam McCarver in der richtigen Reihenfolge

John Darnell & Penny Winters Buchserie (6 Bände)

  1. The Case of Cabin 13 (Titanic 1912) (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  2. The Case of Compartment 7 (Orient Express 1914) (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  3. The Case of the 2 nd Seance (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) (noch nicht übersetzt)
  4. The Case of the Ripper's Revenge (George Bernard Shaw) (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  5. The Case of the Uninvited Guest (Ernest Hemingway 1918) (noch nicht übersetzt)
  6. To Die, or Not to Die (Stratford upon Avon 1919) (noch nicht übersetzt)
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Rezensionen zu den Büchern von Sam McCarver

  • Klappentext:
    A mysterious figure has been lurking on the streets of London's red-light district. Dressed in clothing decades out of style, he has been seen only by local prostitutes - and he seems to vanish into thin air. Scotland Yard pays little attention to these odd reports - until a prositute is savagely murdered in Whitechapel. The killing is hauntingly similar to the work of Jack the Ripper, but those grisly crimes occurred almost thirty years ago.
    Professor John Darnell, who specializes…
  • Inhalt:
    Two years have passed since John Darnell and Penny Winters travelled on the Titanic. Now, John and Penny travel on the Orient Express from Paris across Europe toward exotic Eastern cities. These are the last dangerous days before the outbreak of World War I, and intrigue and danger abound. Aboard the Orient Express, Darnell encounters the international spy, Mata Hari; a New York Broadway singing star, Anna Held; Prince Carol, heir to the Rumanian throne; and a budding English mystery…
  • Rezension zu The Case of Room 13

    • Amethyst
    With the maiden voyage of their lavish new vessel, the Titanic, approaching, owners of the White Star Line call in paranormal investigator John Darnell to uncover the truth about a rumored ghost supposedly responsible for a series bizarre "suicides" in first-class cabins numbered 13.
    Meine Meinung:
    Die Grundidee fand ich sehr originell: ein Detektiv, der sich darauf spezialisiert hat, angeblich paranormale Vorkommnisse zu entlarven, soll auf der Titanic ermitteln. Auf etlichen Schiffen der…