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  • auch Richard Thomas Chizmar
  • * 21.12.1965 (57)

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Shivers Buchserie (8 Bände)

  1. Shivers I. (noch nicht übersetzt)
  2. Shivers II. (noch nicht übersetzt)
  3. Shivers III. (noch nicht übersetzt)
  4. Shivers IV. (noch nicht übersetzt)
  5. Shivers V. (noch nicht übersetzt)
  6. Shivers VI. (noch nicht übersetzt)
  7. Shivers VII. (noch nicht übersetzt)
  8. Shivers VIII. (noch nicht übersetzt)

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  • Rezension zu Widows Point

    • Dave2311
    Richard Chizmar / Billy Chizmar - Widow’s Point
    “This is a bad place. I don't think people are meant to live here.”
    Longtime residents of Harper's Cove believe that something is wrong with the Widow's Point Lighthouse. Some say it's cursed. Others claim it's haunted.
    Originally built in 1838, three workers were killed during the lighthouse's construction, including one who mysteriously plunged to his death from the catwalk. That tragic accident was never explained, and it was just the…