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  • Harrowing Horrors: Hanged Man (Rezension)
  • The Wicked Ones: Children of the Lost (Rezension)
  • Witch Hunter
  • Witch Hunter: Gods and Monsters
  • Hell on Mars
  • Night Terrors
  • The Fall of Man
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Rezensionen zu den Büchern von J.Z. Foster

  • J.Z. Foster / L.L. Foster / Justin M. Woodward - Hanged Man
    Tales so dark, they're sure to whisper to you while you sleep.
    Deep within the darkness of the night lies the keeper of stories—the Hanged Man.
    Bound by the neck and strung to his tree, he waits for ears to listen, for he has stories to tell.
    Won't you come and listen?
    (Q Amazon)
    Hanged Man
    Tyler, James, Rikki und Jean wollen einen kleinen Campingausflug machen. Tyler und James machen sich natürlich dabei ihre Gedanken über…
  • J.Z. Foster - The Wicked Ones
    They come for your children... and leave their own.
    You know, the best thing about nightmares is that they’re not real. It’s all just in your head, and as soon as you wake up, pop!
    It’s all gone. You’re safe.
    It’s not like they could crawl out, creeping from your mind with long, slender fingers and milky yellow eyes sunken into heads with pointed horns bursting out.
    That’d just be insane.
    Daniel Tanner’s life is insane. A mysterious disease came to claim his…