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Tom Reynolds Buchserie (6 Bände)

  1. Tu Buße und stirb (Rezension)
  2. Fürchte, was du begehrst (Rezension)
  3. Das Tal der toten Mädchen (Rezension)
  4. The Darkest Place (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  5. The Boy Who Fell (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  6. After the Fire (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)

Rezensionen zu den Büchern von Jo Spain

  • Rezension zu After the Fire

    • €nigma
    Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: Amazon)
    Nobody was supposed to get out alive.
    On a Dublin city street, packed with afternoon shoppers, a young woman appears, naked, traumatised and bearing burn marks.
    Tom Reynolds, now Chief Superintendent, is no longer head of the murder squad. But when it transpires the woman escaped from a house fire started deliberately and that there are more victims, Tom is sucked in. What begins as a straightforward case of arson, soon becomes something much more sinister.
  • Rezension zu The Boy Who Fell

    • €nigma
    Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: Amazon)
    Kids can be so cruel.
    They'll call you names.
    Hurt your feelings.
    Push you to your death.
    In the garden of an abandoned house, Luke Connolly lies broken, dead. The night before, he and his friends partied inside. Nobody fought, everybody else went home safely. And yet, Luke was raped and pushed to his death. His alleged attacker is now in custody.
    DCI Tom Reynolds is receiving the biggest promotion of his career when a colleague asks him to look at the Connolly case,…
  • Rezension zu The Darkest Place

    • €nigma
    Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: Amazon)
    Christmas day, and DCI Tom Reynolds receives an alarming call. A mass grave has been discovered on Oileán na Caillte, the island which housed the controversial psychiatric institution St. Christina's. The hospital has been closed for decades and onsite graves were tragically common. Reynolds thinks his adversarial boss is handing him a cold case to sideline him.
    But then it transpires another body has been discovered amongst the dead - one of the doctors who went…
  • Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: Amazon)
    In einem idyllischen Tal im irischen Wicklow werden die Leichen fünf junger Frauen gefunden. Sie alle verschwanden innerhalb der letzten Jahre spurlos. Inspector Tom Reynolds steht vor dem bislang größten Rätsel seiner Karriere. Während er und sein Team versuchen, eine Verbindung zwischen den Opfern herzustellen, wird ein weiteres Mädchen als vermisst gemeldet. Alles deutet darauf hin, dass auch sie dem Serienmörder in die Hände fiel. Die Hoffnung, sie…