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Hookup Buchserie (2 Bände)

  1. Anonymous Hookup (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  2. The Unforgettable Hookup (noch nicht übersetzt)

Rainbow Redemption Buchserie (2 Bände)

  1. Beautiful Hearts (noch nicht übersetzt)
  2. Reckless Hearts (noch nicht übersetzt)

Sporting Secrets Buchserie (3 Bände)

  1. Playing Offside (noch nicht übersetzt)
  2. Playing at Home (noch nicht übersetzt)
  3. Playing for Keeps (noch nicht übersetzt)

Unlikely Dilemmas Buchserie (2 Bände)

  1. The Unlikely Heir (noch nicht übersetzt)
  2. The Unlikely Pair (noch nicht übersetzt)

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  • Rezension zu The Anonymous Hookup

    • Cookie02
    Kurzbeschreibung (Amazon):
    I’ve never been a strings-free sex type of guy, but when my best friend encourages me to have my first ever anonymous hookup, I figure, why not? One night of steamy sex with a stranger and then I’ll focus back on recovering from my toxic break-up.
    Only I’m not prepared for how incredibly hot the sex is.
    Nor am I prepared to run into him again.
    Because it turns out my anonymous hookup might not be so anonymous after all…
    This low-angst 29,000-word MM romantic novella is…
  • Rezension zu The Other Brother

    • Cookie02
    Kurzbeschreibung (Amazon):
    What happens when you fall for the one person you can't have?
    Ryan has had seventeen years of being compared to Cody, part of his toxic fractured family, so you’ll forgive him for some epic eye-rolling when it comes to Mr Perfect. Although not related to him by blood, Cody has always been annoying background noise in Ryan’s life. It doesn’t help that Cody’s a high achieving musician, while Ryan’s life ambition doesn’t extend past catching the next wave.
    One summer…