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  • Neuheiten 04/2016: The Madrona Heroes Register: Nothing as it Seems (Details)
  • Neuheiten 03/2014: The Madrona Heroes Register: Underneath It All (Details)
  • Neuheiten 12/2013: The Madrona Heroes Register: Echoes of the Past (Details)


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The Madrona Heroes Register Buchserie (3 Bände)

  1. Echoes of the Past (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  2. Underneath It All (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  3. Nothing as it Seems (noch nicht übersetzt)

Rezensionen zu den Büchern von Hillel Cooperman

  • Beethoven verzweifelt gesucht!
    A year has passed since the Jordan kids developed super powers and their parents split up. Thirteen-year-old Zach, the oldest, has been doing his best to juggle the pressure of keeping their powers secret, and dealing with his new family structure. If there’s one thing the previous year taught Zach, it’s that keeping his feelings inside is the best course of action. But when Zach runs into Zoe, a new girl in the neighborhood, things get even more…
  • Superhelden wider Willen
    (This is the first book in the Madrona Heroes Series.)
    Someone in ten-year-old Binny Jordan’s family has a super power – and it’s not her. Binny’s seven-year-old sister Cassie can turn herself invisible and now a strange man is keenly interested in what Cassie can do. Binny’s parents seem more distracted than ever, and her older brother Zach is hiding something of his own. Binny needs to find a way to protect her sister, but she’s never felt more alone.