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The Meonbridge Chronicles Buchserie (5 Bände)

  1. Fortune's Wheel (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  2. A Woman's Lot (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  3. De Bohun's Destiny (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  4. Children's Fate (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  5. Squire's Hazard (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)

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  • Rezension zu The Merchant's Dilemma

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    1362. Winchester. Seven months ago, accused of bringing plague and death from Winchester, Bea Ward was hounded out of Meonbridge by her former friends and neighbours. Finding food and shelter where she could, she struggled to make her way back to Winchester again.
    Yet, once she arrived, she wondered why she’d come.
    For her former lover – the love of her life – Riccardo Marchaunt, had married a year ago. And she no longer had the strength to go back to…
  • Rezension zu Squire's Hazard

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    It's 1363, and in Steyning Castle, Sussex, Dickon de Bohun is enjoying life as a squire in the household of Earl Raoul de Fougère. Or he would be, if it weren’t for Edwin de Courtenay, who’s making his life a misery with his bullying, threatening to expose the truth about Dickon’s birth.
    At home in Meonbridge for Christmas, Dickon notices how grown-up his childhood playmate, Libby Fletcher, has become since he last saw her and feels the stirrings of desire.…
  • Rezension zu Children's Fate

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    How can a mother just stand by when her daughter is being cozened into sin?
    It’s 1360, eleven years since the Black Death devastated all of England, and six years since Emma Ward fled Meonbridge with her children, to find a more prosperous life in Winchester. Long satisfied that she’d made the right decision, Emma is now terrified that she was wrong. For she’s convinced her daughter Bea is in grave danger, being exploited by her scheming and immoral mistress.
  • Rezension zu De Bohun's Destiny

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    How can you uphold a lie when you know it might destroy your family?
    It is 1356, seven years since the Black Death ravaged Meonbridge, turning society upside down. Margaret, Lady de Bohun, is horrified when her husband lies about their grandson Dickon’s entitlement to inherit Meonbridge. She knows that Richard lied for the very best of reasons – to safeguard his family and its future – but lying is a sin. Yet she has no option but to maintain her…