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Neue Bücher von Ben Hatke in chronologischer Reihenfolge

  • Neuheiten 10/2021: Julia's House Goes Home (Details)
  • Neuheiten 09/2020: Julia's House Moves on (Details)
  • Neuheiten 09/2019: Hatke, B: Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl (Details)
  • Neuheiten 09/2019: Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Sticky-Fingers Cure (Details)
  • Neuheiten 09/2018: Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Won't-Walk-The-Dog Cur... (Details)

Ben Hatke Bücher in alphabetischer Reihenfolge

Bücherserien von Ben Hatke in der richtigen Reihenfolge

Julia's House Buchserie (3 Bände)

  1. Julia's House for Lost Creatures (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  2. Julia's House Moves On (noch nicht übersetzt)
  3. Julia's House Goes Home (noch nicht übersetzt)

Mighty Jack Buchserie (3 Bände)

  1. Mighty Jack (noch nicht übersetzt)
  2. Mighty Jack and the Goblin King (noch nicht übersetzt)
  3. Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl (noch nicht übersetzt)

Zita the Spacegirl Buchserie (3 Bände)

  1. Zita the Spacegirl (noch nicht übersetzt, Rezension)
  2. Legends of Zita the Spacegirl (noch nicht übersetzt)
  3. The Return of Zita the Spacegirl (noch nicht übersetzt)

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Rezensionen zu den Büchern von Ben Hatke

  • Rezension zu Hatke, B: Zita the Spacegirl

    • Dave2311
    Ben Hatke - Zita the Spacegirl
    Zita's life took a cosmic left turn in the blink of an eye.
    When her best friend is abducted by an alien doomsday cult, Zita leaps to the rescue and finds herself a stranger on a strange planet. Humanoid chickens and neurotic robots are shocking enough as new experiences go, but Zita is even more surprised to find herself taking on the role of intergalactic hero. Before long, aliens in all shapes and sizes don't even phase her. Neither do ancient prophecies,…
  • Ben Hatke - Nobody likes a Goblin
    Goblin, a cheerful little homebody, lives in a cosy, rat-infested dungeon, with his only friend, Skeleton. Every day, Goblin and Skeleton play with the treasure in their dungeon. But one day, a gang of "heroic" adventurers bursts in. These marauders trash the place, steal all the treasure, and make off with Skeletonleaving Goblin all alone!
    It's up to Goblin to save the day. But first he's going to have to leave the dungeon and find out how the rest of the…
  • Rezension zu Little Robot

    • Dave2311
    Autor - Titel:
    Ben Hatke - Little Robot
    Sprache: english
    Genre: Kinderbuch, Freundschaft, Abenteuer, Roboter, Comic
    Verlag: :01 First Second / Roaring Brook Press
    Bindung: gebunden
    Seiten: 136
    When a little girl finds an adorable robot in the woods, she presses a button and accidentally activates him for the first time. Now, she finally has a friend. But the big, bad robots are coming to collect the little guy for nefarious purposes, and it's all up to a five-year-old armed only with a wrench…
  • Autor - Titel:
    Ben Hatke - Julia's house for lost creatures
    Sprache: englisch
    Verlag: :01 First Second
    Bindung: gebunden
    Seiten: 35
    When Julia and her walking house come to town, she likes everything about her new neighborhood except how quiet it is! So Julia puts a sign up: "Julia's House for Lost Creatures." Soon she's hosting goblins, mermaids, fairies, and even a dragon. Quiet isn't a problem anymore for Julia...but getting her housemates to behave themselves is!
    The simple, sweet text of…