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  • Neuheiten 05/2017: Son of York (Rezension)
  • Neuheiten 04/2014: Cecily Neville: Mother of Kings (Details)


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  1. Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: amazon) England, 1455 King Henry VI is…

    Rezension von €nigma zu "Son of York"
    Kurzbeschreibung (Quelle: amazon) England, 1455 King Henry VI is proving to be an unstable monarch, prone to bouts of mysterious illness and susceptible to manipulation from others. Richard of York, the most powerful magnate in the land, steps in to manage affairs whilst Henry is unwell. Many people prefer York’s rule, which does not please the queen. The country begins to divide and plots start to hatch. York himself is directly descended from the royal family line, in fact, a little more…